Our Research

In recent years neither the Academia nor GBT charities have produced research truly representing the lives and struggles of lesbians.


It is the role of these charities not only to research lesbian lives but also to protect lesbians against oppression, discrimination and anti-lesbianism in all its forms. Yet when faced with lesbians who are critical of the GBT community aims and strategies (including about the clash of rights between women’s/lesbians’ rights and trans rights) GBT charities, have not only turned a blind eye on our testimonies and protests, but have actively silenced us on the ground that there is no research supporting our dissent. All this while refusing to produce the research they are funded to do.


At Get The L Out, we focus on lesbians. We have direct experience of anti-lesbianism in and out of GBT communities. We also listen, and most importantly believe lesbians who contact us and tell us their stories. GBT charities are invested in supporting the T while demonising lesbians for daring to exercise our rights to have same sex relationships exclusively with women. They are not supporting lesbians. This is why we are committed to investigate lesbians lives to make up for the failing and bias of these charities. It is crucial that the under researched area of lesbian lives and lesbian oppression are properly investigated.


We are autonomous and unfunded, we do research in our spare time on the kitchen table. We welcome lesbian feminists who would like to join this research project and publish research on lesbian experience from a feminist perspective.