Lesbian Visibility at Lancaster Pride 2019

A group of lesbians from the ReSisters United did an action for lesbian visibility at Lancaster Pride (22/06/2019).
They carried a suffragettes-coloured flag with the slogan « Lesbians don’t have dicks », and banners saying « Cotton ceiling = rape » and « Lesbians don’t have penises – Lesbians are female homosexuals ».
A few gay men and male transactivists gathered a group of about 30 young adults and teenagers to hide the lesbians and their banners, while inciting the group to chant: « transwomen matter ».
One lesbian who took part in the action writes:
I was later told by an onlooker that this crowd, of mostly teenagers/students, had been encouraged by the male organiser of the event, adult transwomen, who kept their distance, and a drag queen, who themselves did not join in, other than to walk by, pose for a picture. This drag queen, who we understand to be named Ivy Rose, was seen sticking two fingers up at us and then started a chant “Transwomen Matter!” – though nothing about transmen… Isn’t it concerning that they were whispering into the ears of the young people to run across the road, or to chant certain slogans, whilst they, for the most part, stood back? Like sending in the foot soldiers…
Robert Mee, CEO of Lancaster Pride and organiser of the event stood amongst all the young people and said “fuck off you fucking dogs, you’re ruining it”, the swearing was hostile. Some of our group were spat on by the counter protesters and we were all sworn at multiple times.”
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